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About Us - Eco Shree Ganesha Arts in Mumbai

Our History

The Vaste Family

The Vaste family has been involved in the making of Ganpati idols since more than a decade (2005 onwards). The reason for conceptualizing the Green/Eco-Friendly Idols was to reduce the effect of commercially made POP idols on the environment. The after effects of immersing the POP Idols are dangerous and sad; hence we evolved our process to develop 100% Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idols, as our contribution towards the desired change in environment and attitude towards the festival.
The business was originally started on a meagre scale by Mrs. Mandakini Ratnakar Vaste to mitigate the financial burden brought upon the family due to the illness of her husband. Her children, Sushil Vaste and Pranay Vaste gained the knowledge and skill of making Ganpati idols while working at idol workshops to help the family during their formative years. The love for the lord and their creative sensitivities encouraged them to help their mother in setting up their own small business.
Her blessings have enforced their resolution to bring the change. Today ‘Eco Shree Ganesha Arts‘ masters the processes of making eco-friendly Paper-Mache Ganesha Idols using paper, natural gum, incense and small quantities of sadhu clay; the idols are dye-painted with natural colours. This innovation helps to heal nature and prevent the pollution inflicted on it in the name of religious festivities.
Our “Green Ganesha Idol“ made of red soil, organic fertilizer, natural colour and Hibiscus seeds (Jaswant), is uniquely designed in a way that it turns into a beautiful plant after immersion.